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Insufficient basic knowledge can lead to high losses, especially in the case of investments. This results in financial and ethical disasters that can easily be avoided by an expert opinion in advance. In the fields of breeding, keeping and evaluation of horses, we offer advice from experts, experienced breeders, horse trainers, veterinary specialists and cooperation with a university. But we at Hippo Promotion are also happy to assist you in many other areas – such as sponsoring or international purchases.

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Put your stable and your service in perspective with the Hippo Cam

The Hippo CAM is a service of Hippo Promotion. The concept consists of IP cameras which, in combination with a web server and via WLAN or Ethernet, allow images to be transferred to PCs or mobile phones via the Internet. Via a personal log-in on the Internet, the user can view the area selected for him. The cameras are available on request for colour transmission with and without audio or also as a combined infrared camera (for night pictures b/w) as well as remote controllable pan cameras. The special housing protects the Hippo CAM from external influences.

You only need the cameras and Internet access on site. Image processing, streaming and recording options, user and customer administration as well as customer management are available as a service from Hippo Promotion. For this reason, our offer for you is only associated with low installation and maintenance costs, you do not need any technical knowledge and receive a tailor-made total solution at a reasonable price.

For whom is the Hippo CAM interesting?

This way you can check on your horse at any time and have a look into the box even during your lunch break.

The Hippo CAM documents all changes especially in pregnant mares and births and transmits the signals of your mare directly into your own four walls.

Promoter and organizer
With the Hippo CAM you can transfer events, seminars and horse demonstrations directly to the Internet. Potential buyers can gain a first impression of your horses from all over the world.

Plant manager or owner of riding stable
The Hippo CAM is an instrument for customer loyalty and satisfies the demand for information. Offer your customers what the digital age promises.

The use of the Hippo CAM Service is not only affordable, but also profitable due to attractive conditions and an innovative overall concept. Let us inform you without obligation about the Hippo CAM for your company – we will be happy to make you an inexpensive offer!


Small breeders in particular are finding it increasingly difficult to market their horses today. They often lack the opportunities and relationships to break in their horses themselves and present them at tournaments. For this reason we offer special offers to breeders in particular to prepare their horses for marketing and to carry them out success-oriented. We put together an individual package for you, which ranges from rearing to mare registration, preparation for stallion licensing, breaking in, preparation for the mare / stallion performance test and presentation at tests for young riding horses. Your horse will be presented by us in a media-effective way and using all necessary advertising measures, we take over the entire customer processing for you.

Would you like to sell part of your portfolio?

Contact us; we will be happy to make you an individual offer.


You are an active tournament rider and would like to participate in a sponsoring concept? We support you and your horse in riding!

All tournament riders (except professionals) can take part regardless of age, performance class (0-1) and discipline E- S (dressage, jumping and eventing). You order an advertising material for the current tournament season from us and use it to advertise on the tournaments where you start. The current advertising medium is an embroidered saddle pad.

The advertising material must be placed in the tournament during the examination and the award ceremony. You send us a photo of the award ceremony or the examination on which the logo of Hippo Promotion GmbH is clearly visible. In order to participate in our ranking, please send us the result list of your success or at the end of the season the success overview of the FN. Excluded are placings or victories, which are attained on house tournaments.

Through our sponsoring, you have the opportunity to win material prizes in the form of discipline-related intensive courses or vouchers for equestrian articles and feed worth over 5,000 euros. We evaluate across disciplines, so that especially „versatile“ riders have an advantage here.

Do you have any questions about our sponsoring concept?

Then get in touch with us.

Event Advertising

Equestrian sport means elegance, strength and beauty. As a sponsor, use these attributes for your advertising, because event advertising earns applause. Especially if you advertise your company or your products in the right place and for the right target group. At tournaments, it’s you who donate honors and gifts. Your company logo can be seen on riding clothes, on saddlecloths or on sweat blankets. The riders and their sport appreciate this and the attention of the public is guaranteed. So why not participate in the success of an equestrian athlete?

Contact us and we will give you more information about the various possibilities of sponsoring in equestrian sports.

International Customers

When buying abroad, the first problems arise from the beginning of the decision. With our HippoPromotion-International Service we would like to offer you neutral and competent help with the selection and purchase of sport horses in the foreign market – from the test ride to the health check and the subsequent purchase to the export. The importance of minimising time expenditure, costs and selection risks is of course of great importance. Depending on the intensity of the desired service, remote selection and purchase can be carried out. We take care of the professional export or the further supply, training and marketing in Germany.

You want to buy your dream horse with our help?

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