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Hippo Promotion is a service company which has made it its business to train and market tournament horses according to classical principles. Hippo Promotion supports mainly breeders and helps them to train and promote their young horses in a value-enhancing but gentle way. Our company can be divided into two areas: on the one hand into the training and equestrian centre, where we have our own customer and marketing horses, and the back office, which takes over the organisation and marketing coordination. Our core team consists of a total of seven permanent employees, who are also supported by long-term interns and at events by doctoral specialists.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for committed, flexible and resilient employees whose passion is horses, who want to devote themselves to these magnificent animals, who are sensitive and respectful with the horses. In any case, you should have fun dealing with horses and be willing to constantly expand your knowledge horizon with new areas in horse matters.

In addition, you should have a good stamina and willingness to perform and be able to work independently and on your own responsibility. You should have a certain ability to communicate, which will make working in a team and dealing with customers easier for you. Working in a team should be one of your strengths. Multilingualism is an advantage for our clientele.

We offer the possibility to choose between three different disciplines. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the specialty you are interested in.

In the first year of training, the trainees in the training company learn, for example, how to feed, water, clean, guide as well as dress and bandage horses; what one needs to know about the physique of the horses, the organs and their functioning as well as the way of life of the animals. In addition, what diseases and notifiable diseases horses can have, how to bridle, saddle and prepare the animals. It is also important to know what feed is available and how it is prepared and prepared, what has to be considered when breeding, how to clean and care for equipment and accessories.

In the second year of training the trainees are taught, among other things, how to take care of horses after work and prepare them for transport, how to recognize signs of illness, what to know about the stable climate, especially about humidity, air circulation and air requirements, how to set up a saddle and harness room.

In the 3rd year of training: in the focus on horse breeding you learn how to look after, care for and move foals. Also how to prepare the covering. Heredity and exterior assessment are also particularly important here.

Focus on classical riding training: how riding horses are looked after a show, how to ride, jump, lunge and vault. The focus here is also on teaching.

Processes and procedures are planned and controlled in the back office. Regardless of whether it is the coordination of everyday stable life, which includes forging, veterinary and deck planning, or the organisation and implementation of the marketing of horses, which includes planning interested parties, public relations and customer acquisition. In addition, the organization and execution of promotions and events is taken over here.

Do you have a solid secondary school certificate (grade average not worse than 2.5) and honest interest in the training profession and in horses in the best possible way? Then you have come to the right place!

Office management assistants organise and process office management tasks. In addition, they carry out commercial activities in areas such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing and personnel administration.

Sie haben einen soliden Realschulabschluss (Notendurchschnitt nicht schlechter 2,5) und ehrliches Interesse am Ausbildungsberuf und bestmöglich an Pferden? Dann sind Sie bei uns richtig!

Kaufleute für Büromanagement organisieren und bearbeiten bürowirtschaftliche Aufgaben. Außerdem erledigen sie kaufmännische Tätigkeiten in Bereichen wie Auftragsbearbeitung, Beschaffung, Rechnungswesen, Marketing und Personalverwaltung.

We offer riders in our riding and training centre a challenging task, which among other things consists of preparing the horses professionally and not only breaking in but also presenting and further promoting horses that have already been sponsored age-appropriately at tournaments. We have next to the youngsters some 6 to 8 year old horses which are now going L, M and S. You can work with the horses for a long time, because some of them are not for sale. If you still want to do your master examination, this is also promoted by us and supported in all interests.

We offer horse grooms in our riding and training centre a demanding task, which among other things consists of taking care of the horses professionally, this in terms of care, movement and feed. If you are suitable and interested, you can accompany our team to tournaments or develop yourself further.

If you are interested, just send us your application!


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