Our riding lessons

The different types of teaching

Our lessons are always given individually to our riding students, the basic conditions and the horse. On our farm in Hesse we offer high-quality riding lessons on our teaching horses, some of which are trained up to class S. For beginners and advanced learners we offer individual, double or group lessons according to your wishes. The lessons are always designed to promote the rider and the horse according to their abilities. We offer small riding groups for children, teenagers and adults.

Pony guide

If the diaper still pinches, the very little ones start with us on the guided pony. This allows them to learn how to handle the horse at an early age and to develop the right body feeling on the horse's back. Felix, a white Shetland pony, is ready for the toddlers.

Duration incl. cleaning, preparation and follow-up:
45 - 60 minutes

Late entrants

In lunge lessons, our beginners (young or old) are taught the basics of the correct seat and thus the basis of riding. This is primarily about getting used to the horse's movements in all three basic gaits. The horse is permanently guided through the lunge by the riding instructor. In addition to the development of balance, the basic aids necessary for riding are taught. Thus the riding students learn to use weight and thigh aids as well as seat-independent rein aids correctly and sensitively.

Late entrants

Many young people dream of looking at the world from the horse's back. To gallop over stubble fields, to ride for hours into the sunset or to win a tournament. If you are a teenager and have not managed to swing your leg into the saddle, you can do it today. Because it is never too late to learn to ride a horse. In addition to physical activity, which has a very positive effect on fitness, equestrian sport also has other advantages, which have proven themselves particularly well for working people, housewives and mothers. Just switch off, put the stress aside and enjoy the harmonious move-ments on our sensitive and well-behaved horses. This may still be possible in a group of like-minded people or for the first attempts it would be better to do it alone with the riding in-structor - no problem.

The equestrian sports we offer


Several times a year – mainly outside the tournament season – we offer courses. These take place on three days (Fri-Sun) and include group lessons or, on request, individual lessons. During the three days you will receive five riding lessons and two theory lessons – on request also with video recording and discussion. The courses either take place at our premises or can also be organised with you on request.

If you wish, there are also dressage courses with jumping gymnastics – an interesting and varied addition for dressage horses.


Every Thursday night we have jumping lessons. Of course, the level is also adapted to the ability here. We start with stepping on the pole so that horse and rider can learn to assess the correct distance and safely approach obstacles, this is also a sensible balance for dressage horses and dressage riders. Cavaletti and obstacle jumps follow. Our jumping ground offers great possibilities with the most different jumps. Here, too, we teach in very small groups, each with the same level of training, so that no one is over- or underchallenged.

Several times a year – mainly outside the tournament season – we offer jumping courses. You train in our tournament course or practice basics with cavalettis, crosses and small obstacles. These courses take place on two days (Sat/Sun) and include four riding lessons, two theory lessons and, if desired, video recording with discussion.


This training shows you alternatives and supplements to riding, training, interaction and fun with the horse.

In addition to the fun, important basics can be laid to make it easier for the horse to perform exercises under the rider.

But also the basics of a correct lungeing with a leash or the double lunge can be practiced, because correctly done it is a meaningful supplement to riding. It loosens and relaxes the horse so that you really notice this in the next riding lesson. In addition, this work can be extended to lessons such as side walks, piaffe, passage and high school lessons. We regularly offer courses in all levels of difficulty.

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If horses are overburdened in their training, it can happen that they are only difficult to ride, if at all. It has to be distinguished whether it is about „quirks“ that perhaps indicate difficulties in dominance or communication, whether the horse is physically or psychologically overloaded or whether the horse is really „angry“ – that is, totally demotivated. We pay particular attention to the correction of these problem cases. Learn a calm and consistent leadership – the goal is to restore permeability, lethargy and motivation.

Do you have problems with your horse and would like a correction ride? We have a broad and long-standing correction know-how: This ranges from difficulties when breaking in, over problems in handling (loading, bad habits, etc.), in individual lessons or at jumps, up to excellent tournament horses, which refuse their achievement suddenly. You have the possibility to hire the horse for the period with us, your horse gets from us high-quality riding and best care. Or you can take lessons with your horse with our specialists.

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